Beaphar Malt Paste aka rat crack

Beaphar Malt Paste aka rat crack

Your rats will go wild for this perfect training treat, it doesnt get its nickname as rat crack for nothing.  Beaphar Multi Vitamin and Malt Paste is a complementary food to help promote a shiny healthy coat and smooth digestive flow. Often used to disguise medicines or as a training treat. 

  • Contents per kilo

    Taurine 4425mgVitamin B1 395mgVitamin B2115mgVitamin B3995mgVitamin B5 125mgVitamin B6115mgVitamin B12 780Folic Acid 22mgBiotin 2,400Vitamin E 160mg of which 50% IE D-alpha tocopherol acetate  

  • Analysis

    Crude Protein 16.1% (min) 135g/kgCrude Fat 52.7% (min) 502g/kgCrude Ash 4.2% (max) 5,7g/kgMoisture 2.1% (max) 3,6g/kgCalcium 0.5%Phosphorus 0.5%Sodium 0.4%Potassium 0.7%
    100g tube